Who are we?

About Medix

Medix Laboratoires develops and manufactures sports nutrition, diet, OTC and health products according to the principles of correct and ethical manufacturing. Customers can rely on safe and sound products, compliant to the highest quality and safety standards of the industry.

Medix Laboratoires has a large range of standard formulas and can also provide exclusive formulas according to the requirements of the customer. These formulas are co-developed with the customer until the ideal product has been created.

Medix Laboratoires works with self-sourced materials, as well as materials supplied by the customer.

Medix Laboratoires works according to the GMP,HACCP, BIO, Halal and ISO22000/FSSC22000 standards.


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motivated employees


different ingredients


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What makes us unique?

Unique selling propositions


A brand new factory with state of the art machinery and equipment, fully compliant with environmental requirements.


We guarantee a swift response to all sorts of inquiries, anticipate on the market and brainstorm together with the customer, whilst remaining cost aware.


All ingredients and packaging are sourced at top quality suppliers in Western Europe.


Internal osmosis analysis for all hypo, hyper- and isotonic drinks + pH analyses.

External analysis for banned substances and protein content.


A thorough scanning system (inventory and production) that eliminates all human errors, and keeps all data for 20 years. This is paramount for all quality control issues.

Full traceability is maintained through the whole supply chain.


All compressors are “green certified” and run on water and electricity (rather than on motor oil).

Selective waste management.

Jars / Pouches / Big Bags / Samples / Sachets / Blisters



What can we offer?

Powder / Capsules / Tablets / Softgels / Gels / Bars / Cakes


  • Milk based proteins (Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Casein,...)
  • Plant based proteins (Pea, Rice, Soy, Hemp,...)
  • Amino acids (BCAA, Glutamine, D-Aspartic Acid,...)
  • Pre-/Intra-/Post-workout powder drinks
  • Performance supplements (Creatine, Beta Alanine,...)
  • Endurance supplements
  • Gainers


  • Meal replacements
  • Vegans
  • Superfoods (Curcuma, Spirulina, Chlorella...)
  • Vitamin Blends
  • Probiotica
  • Weight management
  • Joint care (Collagen, Glucosamine, Curcuma,...)
  • Cognitive supplements (Nootropics,...)

"Our mission is serving customers with high quality food solutions produced in the best environment at a maximal level of flexibility."

Medix Laboratoires

"Five years from now Medix will be the European leading Sports-nutrition Supplier, by offering science-proven, innovative formulations, cost-effective manufacturing and marketing-oriented packaging."

Medix Laboratoires

Research and development

The R&D department has a staff of biochemists, dieticians and nutritionists. Medix Laboratoires constantly works on research and development of existing and new products. The quality and security requirements of the food supplements are our greatest priority. Existing and new products are under control of the Belgian Government, FASFC (Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain). All products are registrated with the FASFC (nut numbers).

Medix Laboratoires has its own laboratory in the factory for the development, surveillance of quality and standard bacteriological investigations on the used ingredients, partially finished, bulk and finished products.

Our factory lab is used for development, quality control and standard bacteriological research on the ingredients, semifinished and bulk products and completely finished products. All verification analyses are carried out in cooperation with external accredited laboratories with proof of counter analyses.

Scanning-oriented control system

Scanning is important for all tracing and control of used ingredients in our formulas.

  • All stock monitoring – from start to finish
  • Preparation for production
  • Productions

In today’s modern world where the population is growing and the need for high quality food is increasingly important, regulations on food standards are essential.

Safety production compressor / green safe certificated

Medix Laboratoires - compressors are working on electricity and water ‘Green Safe Certificated’. Contamination in production is hence excluded.

Join the Medix family


Medix Laboratoires is constantly looking for motivated colleagues to strengthen the team! Are you looking for something new and do you want to be part of our growing 'Medix' family? Be sure to check out one of our vacancies or apply spontaneously!

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Medix Laboratoires works according to a wide range of standards such as: HACCP ISO22000/FSSC22000 (IFS/BRC norms) – GMP and HFL (LGS GROUP -UK) sportscientifical guidelines (WADA), BIO and Halal. Medix is also member of NAREDI and ESSNA (European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance).

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